F.A.Q: Frequenly Asked Questions
Q.  Do I need to provide my own telephone for home phone service?

A. Yes, North American Local does not provide any telephone equipment required for service. 

Q.  What if my house/apartment does not have phone jacks?

A.   North American Local does not provide telephones or telephone jacks. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide  all equipment inside the house/apartment. 

Q.  Can I get this service as an additional line?

A.   Yes. It will require an additional activation for that line and North American Local must be aware that you are requesting an additional line. Also, your residence must already be wired to have two lines. North American Local does not provide in‐home installations. 

Q.  What is considered my local calling area?

A.   It is the same area that you had with Bellsouth/AT&T or other Local Clec reseller. This includes immediate local calling area only.    

Q.  How will I know my phone number?

A.   You will receive your account number and Phone number when you sign up. If a phone number was unavailable at the time you placed your order you can call (877) 200-1376 to receive an activation date and telephone number. Typically, this information is available within 2‐3 business days after placing the order for new telephone service. 

Q.  Will my telephone number be in the phone book?

A.   Yes. It will also be available through directory assistance. North American Local does offer unpublished number feature for an additional monthly charge. 

Q.  Where do I make my monthly payment?

A.   Your monthly payment can be paid via a variety of methods, including, but not limited to: MoneyGram, Money Order, Debit Card, or Credit Card. You may also pay on the web or by calling (877) 200-1367

Q.  Can I receive collect calls?

A.   No. North American Local's service does not allow for you to make or receive collect calls. 

Q.   Can I make long distance calls?

A.    Yes, North American Local has a variety of long distance plans that will suit your needs.

Q.   Do you offer any discounts for customers who receive government assistance?

A.   Yes. Qualifying customers can participate in the Lifeline program, which offers a discount on your monthly bill for qualified customers. For further information, please go to the Lifeline Program's Support website: http://www.lifelinesupport.org/ls/default.aspx